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Synchronization in Network Play is a difficult issue.

If the player is a member of a party, entering towns as the party leader and reentering the wagon have special considerations and stipulations.

While Adventuring

While adventuring, only gold acquired in the field or specifically deposited in the wagon is accessible (in the rare event that gold is needed outside of a town.) Viewing the stats will try to grab the latest sync of gold to give a more accurate idea of what each person has. Gold is always tracked internally as gold "locked" and gold "available." You can only access your own locked gold, but you can access everyone's available gold (but in a limited way for other members.)

Furthermore, only items which had been deposited in the wagon before the party leader left the last town are available.

Entering a Town

Entering a town synchronizes all the party events which have occurred into the individual user records. If any party members are dead, the party leader and the dead member(s) are cut-scened away from the wagon to the church where the dead member(s) are resurrected at his personal expense, or at party-gold expense, or at all party members' expense divided as evenly as possible. After this, remaining gold which was acquired on the adventure is added to the other party members accounts.

If no one has left the town yet, everyone will be waiting at the wagon.

If No One is Adventuring

If you see everyone at the wagon, you can board the wagon to part town without hindrance (a mini-sync is performed to gain an atomic database lock on becoming the party leader.) You can also take items from or deposit items into the wagon freely.

You can also resign your membership of the party and become an independent solo player.

While Adventuring (Part 2)

As soon as someone boards the wagon to leave town, the party "belongs" to that person who then becomes the party leader, and any other players in the town will see the party members scatter to explore the town (either when they begin playing, or when they approach the wagon and a mini-sync occurs.) All the equipped items of all the players become key items which they cannot get rid of. At that point, if the person exploring town attempts to leave, they will be blocked by the one member waiting at the wagon (this person indicates the current leader,) who will tell them "The other party members are still exploring on their own. Go finish exploring, then come back to the wagon when you're done." You can still deposit items into the wagon at this point but you can't take any out. (This could be solved simply by giving the items to the leader rather than approaching the wagon directly, the menu on the leader would simply be different and not have a take option. "Oh, you have something you'd like to load in the wagon before we leave?")

Even though you can deposit items in the wagon, they don't become available until the next town is entered by the party leader. This is to prevent two players teaming up and feeding items to each other through "knowledge of the future."

Non-Leader Leaving Town After Leader Has Checked-In at a Town Again

When you attempt to board the wagon to leave town, if your HP or MP are less than they were when the party leader left, the leader will tell you to sleep in the inn and that you'll leave in the morning.

Once you leave in the wagon, you will get a recap of the full adventure log and then be dropped into the current town. Or, if the adventure was abandoned (see below), you'll be dropped into the thick of the adventure and become the new leader.

Abandoned Adventure

An adventure is considered abandoned if the party leader chooses to exit the game through a menu option, or if no sync has occured in 24 real hours.

If the same party leader returns first, the abandoned adventure is continued as it left off.

If a different player chooses to board the wagon and leave town, they become the party leader, and are shown the adventure log up until the point where they take over.

If the original party leader returns after another player has taken over, they get to play in a "before leaving town . . ." flashback sequence where they start with their original stats and are treated the same as other non-leader players.

Party Member Solo Adventuring

You can leave town alone or explore dungeons within a town, and you are treated like you're still in the town. You just have to be alive and healed to at least the level you were at the time of departing before you rejoin the party.


A party captain is the person who paid for the wagon. The party captain is the only one who can initiate the process of kicking another member out of the party. When such a kick is initiated, any remaining party members are asked to approve or reject this action. If no answer is given within 24 hours, an automatic yes is assumed. All must be agreed in order to kick a member.

If the party captain doesn't log in within a designated amount of time the next highest ranked player in order of party membership seniority has the option to claim captainship. A captain may also choose to confer captainship upon another party member.