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How many blocks should each thing be?


512x256 = Entire Overworld (13900 miles across at equator. Adjusting for polar skewing, 9730 miles across at the midpoint. 1 block is technically about 20 miles distance, but take that with a grain of salt because 3 blocks = 1 day's travel by horse if we're being realistic.)

68x68 = Altera & Sentia Overworld (1360 miles across. Real world comparison: The United States is 3000 miles across.)


24x24 = Village

32x32 = Town

64x64 = City

48x48 = District of Large City (Fairport has 3, Koyu has 4 and Newvale has 2 or 3)

Building Interiors

13x13 = Medium House Interior [13x9 = Rectangular House]

16x16 = Small Church Interior