Deities of Fairwind

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Note: The letters after the names in this list have to do with the OpenDice system for which this material was originally designed. Leave them here for now until the descriptions get fleshed out, as they will help inform decisions about the behaviors of these Deities.

Deities of Light

Dathos (B) (+V, +O) God of Death and Resurrection, Day-Light

Tahhia (M) (+V, +D) Goddess of the Sea, Rivers, Women, Magic, Wisdom

Brigid (W) (+V, -O) Goddess of Healing, Hot springs, herbalism

Ikoha (Q) (+V, +O) Goddess of Horsemanship, Horses

Soki (C) (+V, -D) Goddess of Mistakes

Neutral Deities

Elos (I) (+D) God of Arts and crafts, Secrets

Paryia (L) (±0) Goddess of Fate, Love, and Time

Avras (E) (+O, +D) God of Duty and Obedience

Koru (G) (+D, -O) God of Animals, Nature, Hunting

Deities of Shadow

Melnora (S) (-V, -O) Goddess of War, Death

Sarbu (A) (-V, +D) God of Trading, Merchants

Rezsa (J) (-O) Goddess of Trickery

Ruenor (R) (-O) God of Persuasive Speech, Writing

Thunar (P) (-D, -O) God of Storms, Lightning, Quick Travel